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With our wide range of pharmacy services and expert advice,
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Travel Clinic

Whether you are off on a tropical adventure or simply
travelling for business reasons, we have got you covered


Get all your vaccinations right here at H. Lloyd Chemist
Keeping you healthy and happy always

Travel Clinic

H. Lloyd Travel Clinic is run by highly experienced pharmacists who have extensive training in administering vaccinations and up-to-date travel health advice.

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Vaccination Centre

Whether you are needing a travel vaccine or you are looking to get your child vaccinated before starting school or university, we are here for you. View our list of vaccines.

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COVID-19 Services

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the way that we live. Contact us for advice on testing, one of our healthcare professionals will advise you on current requirements.

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Minor Ailments

Eye infections, earache, urinary tract infections and cold sores are some of the common minor ailments that we treat at H. Lloyd Chemist. Access healthcare advice and treatments.

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Our team work hard to ensure that we provide you with the best possible service and care. Whether you need to collect your NHS or Private Prescription we sure can help.

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Passport Photos

As well as providing pharmacy services and health advice, we also take and print passport photos. This service is available directly from our chemist and we ensure high quality images.

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About Us

H. Lloyd Chemist is very well established in the local community. Rupal Patel GPhC No: 2084046 has been serving the area for 44 years and is well known to two or three generations of customers. The pharmacy has an excellent reputation locally, with strong links to nearby medical centres. We have recently extended our range of NHS and private services under Pharmacy Manager Yousef Yaghobi.

H Lloyd Chemist


Beautiful Little Pharmacy

Beautiful little pharmacy , helpful enthusiastic young pharmacist and the lady who helped me for injection , he scheduled my follow up paper and kept me calm during my vaccination, would definitely go back for health advise. ”

Ben Adfoniy

Always Friendly

Always friendly and as my regular chemist they're good at checking what medications I'm on and that I'm aware of how to take them, side effects, etc. ”

Jenni Kate Wallace

Great Pharmacy and Lovely Staff

Great Pharmacy and lovely staff who are very kind and polite . Very organised , always get my prescriptions ready on time ! Create a lovely positive atmosphere for all the patients and customers . Would highly recommend ! 5/5 ! ”

Jessica Krasniqi