Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

H. Lloyd Travel Clinic in Olympia, London; is an easy to access travel clinic that is committed to providing essential travel healthcare to the community. Our patients are our priority and we strive to provide them with exceptional service and healthcare as well as comprehensive information and guidance about their travel health and well-being needs.

The Clinic is run by highly experienced pharmacists who have extensive training in administering vaccinations, anti-malarials, and up-to-date travel health advice. They are here to help you and to address the health needs of the increasing numbers of people travelling abroad and to generally promote a positive, healthy and safe travel experience. Therefore whether you are off on a tropical adventure or simply travelling for business reasons, we have got you covered! So you can put your mind at ease while you travel.



When you attend our clinic we will review your previous vaccination history, medical history, the present state of health, medications and any allergies. The vaccinations you need will depend on a number of factors and are determined by your specific risk assessment – these factors include the country you’re visiting, the activities you will be undertaking, the length of your stay, your accommodation, your previous vaccination history and recent outbreaks in the regions of travel. Our experienced pharmacists will be able to give you specific, up-to-date information on the vaccinations and anti-malarials required for your destination and other measures needed to protect your health whilst abroad.

Need to find out what vaccinations you need? Not a problem! Simply visit the NHS’s Fit for Travel website where you will be able to find out more about the specific vaccines that you need! Also if you are travelling during the Coronavirus pandemic we recommend that you check out the UK Governments Travel Guidelines.

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